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PRN- Phlebotomist/ Lab Assistant
Phlebotomist/Laboratory Assistant
Reports to Laboratory Director
Nature of the Position

The Phlebotomist/Laboratory Assistant is responsible for collecting and preparing a variety of laboratory specimens in a safe and timely manner, preparing specimens for testing and assisting in sending the specimens to the reference laboratory when necessary. He/She is also responsible for the performing Breath Alcohol Testing and Urine Drug Screen Collections. Performs inventory on non-reagent supplies and lists the supplies that need to be ordered. The Phlebotomist/Laboratory Assistant is responsible to the Hospital Administrator administratively, to the Laboratory Director and to the Technical Consultant.

Knowledge, Experience , Skills
1.Successfully completed a Phlebotomy or a Laboratory Assistant course from an accredited college or institution.
2.Have earned a high school diploma or equivalent.
3.Demonstrates ability to coordinate multiple tasks to adhere within the minimum turnaround time established for the laboratory.
4.He/She must be able to maintain her/his license and certifications and demonstrates professionalism while functioning in the healthcare environment and recognizes the value of continuous professional growth and development.

Duties and Responsibilities
a.Refers and adheres to all collection guidelines when obtaining specimens.
b.Demonstrates all competencies necessary to perform venipuncture, arterial puncture and competent in choosing what tubes to be used.
c.Ensures that STAT procedures such as blood collections in the ER are performed within 15 minutes from the time of request.
d.Collect and receive specimens in the laboratory information system.
e.Participates in department orientation, training, scheduling, evaluation, counseling and discipline.
f.Accepts new responsibilities with positive attitude.
g.Proficient in phlebotomy.
h.Accurately completes log sheets and prepares send out specimens and laboratory requisitions to reference laboratory.
i.Exhibit computer skills needed for daily operation of the laboratory and hospital information system.
j.Adheres to hospital, departmental and personnel policies and procedures, adheres to laboratory policies and procedures, adheres to CLIA/COLA compliance and licensing.
k.Maintains a clean and safe work environment by using available tools, supplies and safety equipment when needed.
l.Treats staff and patients with dignity and respect.
m.Good physical, emotional and mental health.
n.Demonstrates ability to remain calm in emergency and or in stressful situations and gives everyone a feeling of confidence that situation is under control.
o.Provides and maintains all necessary certifications and meets all qualifications for the position.
p.Responsible for the accurate performance of 12 EKG.
q.Performs Breath Alcohol Test and Urine Drug Screen Collections.
r.Completes all work before clocking out and leaving.

Additional Information
Position Type : Pool/PRN/Per Diem
Shift : Day

Contact Information
Natalie Guerrero

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